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About Us
History & Guild's Game Perspective:
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild which has been established right before TBC. Once raided for the glory of the realm firsts as a hardcore, 6-nights/week raiding guild, The Tempted now has the vision to be at the rebuild the guild for Legion with minimal raiding time (3-4 nights/week). That's why only experienced and like-minded top-tier raiders are recruited.

For information on our current recruitement needs please check our "Recruitement" box on the homepage or contact us ingame!
If your class/spec is currently not listed but you still think you would bring something that we need, dont hesitate to leave an application as we are always on the lookout for exceptional players!

Raiding Days & Hours:
Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday: 19:00-23:00 server time (shown in the "Time Zone" box).
Raid invites start at 18:45. You have to be online at 18:45 to be considered on time. We make the first pull at 19:00.
During the progression we might add an additional day (same times) or extend the Sunday-Raid (starting earlier).

We want to reward people with high attendance and therefor it will it influence the loot-distribution (see below).

Loot system
We changed our Loot-System with the start of WoD to a "Loot Council" Sytem.
Which means that the item distribution will depend on various factors that directly correlate with the raider who wants the item (e.g.: current itemlevel, stat-usefulness, etc.) as well as general factors (such as the raider's attendance, best utilization concerning progression, etc.).

Guild Master: There is gonna be one guild master to help taking decisions faster. The responsibilities of GM are the following:
-Deciding about guild raiding roster
-Deciding about specs, gear choices of the raiders.
-Managing the leaders
-Discussing the important decisions about guild with veteran ranked people.
-Managing the guild bank

Leaders: Those people will help the Guild Master to handle daily stuff in the guild. We have 3 different leaders assigned:

Recruitment: We know that to be able to survive as a guild you have to have enough raiders for raids. We assign a dedicated leader to focus on that job. He will look for the best players which classes and specs are required in the guild.

Raid Leading: In order to be successful you need 1 person to take the decisions during a raid about which tactic is going to be used and to call out for the abilities of the bosses that the raid needs to pay attention to.

Attendance/Loot Tracking: After all the time invested in game as a reward what are we getting? EPICS!!! In order to make a fair distribution of the loot we are assigning a leader to handle that job.

Raiders: Players that passed the trial, actively raiding in the guild for less then 6monhts and that are not taking any extra responsibilities.

Trial: Recently recruited players that are being tested in the guild to prove their skill, dedication and attitude. Trial period is 3 weeks not more or not less. During the trial period players can receive loot just in case a main raider doesn't need that item for main spec. Cross-realm trials can only join our raids twice before needing to transfer to continue their trial-period.

Legend: Players that have an important place in the history of the guild and that are not actively raiding.

The Tempted - Officer Team